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This is Sahaye Jewels’ initiative to highlight the craftsmanship of the Kochi People. The ‘Kochi’ or ‘Kuchi’ are a group of people that are known to follow a nomadic lifestyle. Originating in Turkey, majority of the Kochi people reside in present day Afghanistan and the rest of them have now displaced all over the world. There is still a small fraction of Kochi people that remain nomadic and migrate from one place to another and there are some tribes that also live in Pakistan. 
The purpose of creating this collection is to preserve the culture of these tribes. We would love to highlight their contribution to the modern fashion industry, where we come across ‘Oxidized’ or ‘Tribal’ jewelry everyday, however are unfamiliar with the origin of all these styles. As a jewelry brand, Sahaye Jewels really emphasizes on the importance of being a conscious buyer. We support slow and sustainable fashion and aim to create and retail jewelry pieces that are going to last in your collection for decades. We aim to create Jewels that you can pass down to your daughters or women in your life as a token of love and affection.
The Kochi people are known to work with German Silver and real gemstones and the most unique style of jewelry that they handcraft are their headpieces. These headpieces are also a part of the Turkish Tribal Culture and are commonly seen in their TV shows and movies. The headpieces are perfect for women that observe Hijab. It is a perfect accessory to wear over your scarf to create a beautiful and feminine look. 
Every piece from our collection tells a beautiful story. A tale of Tribal women who came together to design and handcraft these beautiful pieces with their own hands. This is why, every piece is beautiful and intricate. Our collection has a wide variety of styles that cater to the needs of a diverse audience. Being Canadian, we aim to cater to a wide variety of people that have different preferences. 
For example, to create a south Asian look, you can wear our design AAFIA which is very traditional. 
However, we also have ERUM which are our basic gemstone hoops that you can wear everyday for a casual look.
Most pieces in this collection are bold and will create a statement no matter how you style them. Some of these pieces are incredibly versatile and can be used to create looks that combine the aesthetic of the East and West. You can experiment with any of these designs and create fun, fusion looks. Here is an example of how to style our statement coin necklace Haadia with a plain black T-shirt and simple stud earrings. 
Our mission is to bring you closer to your roots and culture. We hope to bring you more collections that inspire you to be ‘Creative’ and experiment with your style. 
Hafsa from Sahaye Jewels

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