Frequently Asked Questions

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When a jewelry product is dipped in a thin layer of gold in order to give it a gold appearance. Gold-plated jewelry is made with metal alloys. 

All the gemstones in our jewelry are from India and are semi-precious. 

Rhodium is another metal that is used to plate jewelry created with alloy metals to increase its shine, luster and durability. The jewelry with Rhodium Plating does not oxidize like the jewelry that is plated in silver. 

Most of the stones are cut into the following shapes for our designs. 

Yes, we can also customize designs based on our customer's needs. However, we only customize bridal jewelry such as bridal sets, payals, kangans, tikka and jhoomar that are part of the bridal set. 

We have manufacturers in India and Pakistan that produce high quality designs for our brand. We work closely with our manufacturers to ensure that the customer's needs are met. 

Product Care

There are many ways in which you can make your Sahaye Jewels last a lifetime. 

  1. Make sure to protect your jewelry from rough surfaces, sharp blows and extreme temperatures. 
  2. Prevent your Jewels from coming into contact with perfumes, makeup sprays, harsh chemicals and water. 
  3. Store your Jewels in a clean, airtight container or plastic bag. 
  4. Use a soft microfibre cleaning cloth to wipe your Jewelry. 

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Yes, we do deliver our products worldwide. The customer is required to pay for the shipping costs. The shipping cost from Canada ranges between $75-$150 depending on the weight and dimensions of the order. We only use reliable carriers to deliver our products to our customers to ensure that the customer receives their products securely. 

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