About Us


"Everything starts with a Dream" 

Our corporation started off as a casual experiment however, it slowly grew into one of our most significant dreams. Sahaye is a corporation, which started as a blogging community for South Asian brands and services. Our purpose was to collaborate with brands from all over the world and review their products and services for our followers. While interacting with a large volume of businesses something caught our attention frequently. We noticed that there was a shortage of brands retailing high quality South Asian jewelry with remarkable customer service within the Canadian market...

This was the beginning of something big...

We started rattling our brains to come up with a business plan that would combine the aesthetic of the East and the customer service of the West. This is how our company Sahaye Jewels were founded. Our mission is to provide our customers with high-quality designs that are intricate and unique. Each one of our designs is handcrafted with a lot of care and love. Sahaye Jewels has workshops all over the world and all our designs are fair trade. Our goal is to support the local craftsmen from all over the world who have been creating masterpieces for generations. 

"Our Collections"

We launched our first collection in November, 2020, which comprised of high quality Cubic Zirconia Necklace and earrings sets and Bangles. The quality and intricate making of our jewelry started to create a buzz within the Canadian and United States Jewelry Market.

Soon after we had launched our first collection, we realized that the Canadian Market was missing retailers that specialized in selling high quality Afghan Jewelry. We would have remained oblivious to this fact if it wasn't for one of my Afghan friend's wedding towards the end of last year. My friend complained, "A lot of Afghan brides end up wearing Indian jewelry since there are not a lot of brands retailing high quality Afghan jewelry." We saw it as an opportunity since we have roots in Peshawar and there are a lot of hardworking craftsmen there that can bring our vision to life. In February of 2021, we launched our second collection, which comprised of Afghan Kuchi Jewelry manufacturer in Peshawar KPK. We called it Nazneen, which means exquisitely beautiful, just like our Afghan sisters. 

What's next?

Last December, we also started to offer custom Bridal Jewelry to our beautiful 2021 Brides. you can refer to the Bridal Gallery to know more about our custom Bridal Jewelry. We are working tirelessly to launch our Pakistani and Afghan Bridal collection so that our brides who are looking for some last minute jewelry can shop freely through our Online Store. 

Our Goal 

As a jewelry business, our goal is to connect you with your culture and roots. "We are simply the middle men". All of our jewelry is reasonably priced and is really high quality and we take pride in the diversity of our customers. Our customers are from all over the world and swear by the quality of the jewelry. 

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We are available 24/7 for our customers through several different mediums. 

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